JavaScript String startsWith

In this tutorial, let’s look at how to use the String startsWith method in JavaScript. This method can be used to check whether the string starts with a given substring/string/character. Introduction to the String startsWith method The base of the startsWith method is that it returns a true if the given string starts with the … Read more

How to convert JavaScript String to Boolean

In this tutorial, let’s look at the different ways of converting a string to Boolean in JavaScript. We’ll look at a combination of pre-defined methods available in JavaScript for this exact purpose, and common operators and methods that you can modify to get the desired output. As you know, Boolean values are true or false, … Read more

How to Parse a string in JavaScript?

In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at the different methods to parse a string in JavaScript. We’ll be looking at 4 different ways of parsing a string, from using the split method to parsing a JSON string into an object or an array. Convert a string to an array using the split method The easiest … Read more